My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7-9, 2011 [Link-tastic Post 3]: NEASA Conference

Rounding out the week of NEASA-focused blogging by providing, one more time, a handful of the links through which you can connect to the conference and all of the AmericanStudies voices and conversations it will highlight:

1) Our official site includes, at the Conference tab, all the info you can want about the conference, including the most updated program.

2) Want to register for the conference? This is the direct link to do so. I’d sure love to see you in Plimoth!

3) Live halfway around the world from Massachusetts? Then take part in our conference conversations virtually at the pre-conference blog!

4) Our amazing conference site, Plimoth Plantation.

5) Official site for our great keynote speaker, James Loewen.
I know I’ve already asked a lot of you when it comes to this conference and the blog and etc. But if I can make one more request: if you take part in any list-servs or other online conversations with an interest in AmericanStudies, belong to any relevant institutions or organizations, have colleagues and friends who might be interested, and otherwise have any possible places and ways to publicize the conference, I’ll ask you to please consider doing so, even just by sharing this post. Public scholarship works best when it’s engaging with a broad and diverse public, and that’s my number one goal for this conference, and for NEASA more broadly, by far. Thanks! More next week, a special Columbus Day post,

PS. Since I’ve done so much publicizing this week, anything you’d like to publicize here? Feel free to use the comments to toot your own horn, it’d be only fair.

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