My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011: If You Like This Blog…

… I’ve got one you’ll love! Starting next Monday, July 25th, and continuing for the next three months and a bit, the New England American Studies Association will be running a pre-conference blog at As you’ll see from the schedule below, each week one or two of our panels will be the focus, and panelists will be blogging about their prospective papers, parallel or related interests and ideas, general American Studies questions, and/or whatever else they want to share. As with any Blogspot blog, there will be comment sections for each post, and they’re entirely open—the goal of this blogging is not only to get conference participants talking to each other and thus get the conference off to an early and good start, but also to involve as many interested folks as possible (whether you’d be able to attend the conference or not, although of course you’re very welcome; see for lots more info about it).
So starting next Monday, please check out that blog regularly (or check it out right now too, as there’s a great sample/starting point post up from a NEASA Council colleague of mine, Jonathan Silverman of UMass Lowell). The more interested AmericanStudiers we get reading and responding to those posts, the better and richer and more meaningful the conversation will be!
More tomorrow,
PS. Those links again:
2)      NEASA:
3)      OPEN: Any conference or blog questions or ideas to share?

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