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My New Book!
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Saturday, October 28, 2023

October 28-29, 2023: October 2023 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

October 2: LGBT Histories: The Society for Human Rights: An LGBT History Month series kicks off with three contexts for America’s first gay rights organization.

October 3: LGBT Histories: Harvey Milk: The series continues with the complexities of any historical event, and the vital broader issues nonetheless.

October 4: LGBT Histories: 1950s Discriminations: Two horrific 50s decisions and whether we can find light in such dark moments, as the series remembers on.

October 5: LGBT Histories: Stonewall: The undeniable significance of violence for civil rights movements, and the need to remember beyond it.

October 6: LGBT Histories: 1970s Advances: The series concludes with three 1973 moments that helped advance the movement.

October 7-8: LGBT Rights in 2023: A special weekend follow-up on progress, regression, and a crucial fight here in 2023.

October 9: Vice President Studying: Aaron Burr’s Trial: For the 50th anniversary of Spiro Agnew’s resignation, a VP series kicks off with takeaways from the most controversial VP.

October 10: Vice President Studying: Andrew Johnson’s Nomination: The series continues with one good and one horrific thing about a crucial wartime VP choice.

October 11: Vice President Studying: Henry Wilson’s Book: How a Vice Presidential publication helps us rethink an entire administration, as the series rolls on.

October 12: Vice President Studying: John C. Calhoun and Spiro Agnew: A significant difference between the two VPs who resigned, and a linking thread.

October 13: Vice President Studying: Dick Cheney’s Power: The series concludes with a key explanation for a Vice President’s unprecedented power grabs.

October 14-15: Vice President Studying: Kamala Harris: Another special weekend follow-up, this one on a couple ways the current VP represents real and meaningful progress.

October 16: Basketball Stories: James Naismith: With the WNBA season concluding and a new NBA season upon us a basketball series tips off with contexts for the sport’s iconic inventor.

October 17: Basketball Stories: Chamberlain and Russell: The series continues with a clear distinction between two iconic greats, and why it’s not quite so clear.

October 18: Basketball Stories: Magic: Genuine low and high points for the legendary Laker, as the series dribbles on.

October 19: Basketball Stories: The Harlem Globetrotters: Couldn’t feature a basketball studying series without sharing my recent Saturday Evening Post column on the Globetrotters!

October 20: Basketball Stories: WNBA Stars: The WNBA too often plays second fiddle to the NBA, but as the five greats in this series concluding post illustrate, it’s always had plenty of star power as well.

October 23: New Scholarly Books: A Seat at the Table: A series on great recent publications kicks off with a vital new anthology co-edited by frequent Guest Poster Hettie Williams.

October 24: New Scholarly Books: Resistance from the Right: The series continues with an important recent book that helps us understand the longstanding and most dangerous threat to higher ed.

October 25: New Scholarly Books: A Connecticut Yankee Goes to Washington: A wonderful new bio that reminds us of the best of our Congressional leaders, as the series reads on.

October 26: New Scholarly Books: The Vice President’s Black Wife: Coming up with titles for public scholarly books ain’t easy, so when one gets it right, it’s really worth celebrating.

October 27: New Scholarly Books: Democracy Awakening: And the series and month concludes with the most successful scholarly book of the year from our most prominent public scholar.

Next series starts Monday,


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