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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, February 3, 2024

February 3-4, 2024: January 2024 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

January 1: 2024 Anniversaries: New Netherland in 1674: A New Year’s series begins with the 350th anniversary of a handover that changed a lot—but not nearly everything.

January 2: 2024 Anniversaries: The First Continental Congress in 1774: The series continues with three lesser-known delegates from the First Continental Congress on its 250th anniversary.

January 3: 2024 Anniversaries: The 1874 Midterms: On the importance but not the inevitability of historical turning points, as the series commemorates on.

January 4: 2024 Anniversaries: J. Edgar Hoover in 1924: What J. Edgar Hoover immediately brought to his new role as the Director of the Bureau of Investigation 100 years ago.

January 5: 2024 Anniversaries: 1974 Films: The series concludes with AmericanStudies contexts for five of the many great films released 50 years ago.

January 6-7: 2024 Anniversaries: The 1824 Election: But wait, a special weekend post on the controversial presidential election that might and might not foreshadow our moment.

January 8: AmericanStudying Columbia Pictures: Three Origin Points: A series on the studio’s 100th anniversary kicks off with three pre-1924 starting points.

January 9: AmericanStudying Columbia Pictures: The Three Stooges and Friends: The series continues with why the Stooges were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to comic shorts.

January 10: AmericanStudying Columbia Pictures: Technicolor: Three films through which Columbia finally entered the technicolor age, as the series screens on.

January 11: AmericanStudying Columbia Pictures: Jungle Jim: A longstanding B-movie series that reflects Hollywood’s multimedia influences in all directions.

January 12: AmericanStudying Columbia Pictures: Matt Helm and Casino Royale: The series concludes with a pair of ways that the studio tried to make up for losing out on Bond.

January 13-14: Vaughn Joy’s Hollywood Histories: I couldn’t share a Hollywood histories series without paying tribute to the best public scholar working on those histories.

January 15: Spring Semester Previews: First-Year Writing II: A Spring semester series focused on why we teach & study the humanities kicks off with the skills at the heart of first-year writing.

January 16: Spring Semester Previews: American Literature II: The series continues with the many core American reasons to teach our literary histories.

January 17: Spring Semester Previews: Intro to Sci Fi/Fantasy: The crucial importance of diversifying speculative fiction syllabi, as the series learns on.

January 18: Spring Semester Previews: The Short Story Online: How all-online courses help us share the humanities with broader and more varied audiences.

January 19: Spring Semester Previews: Grad Historical Fiction: The series concludes with my latest grad course and a request for connections to our grad programs!

January 20: MLK Day and the Humanities: The first of two weekend follow-ups, an MLK Day tribute to his many connections to the humanities.

January 20-21: Ava DePasquale’s Guest Post on Grey Dog: And the second, my latest great Guest Post from an awesome FSU English Studies alum!

January 22: AmericanStudying Groundbreaking Women: Judith Sargent Murray: A series for the 175th anniversary of Elizabeth Blackwell’s MD kicks off with the Gloucester home that was both prison and liberation for Judith Sargent Murray.

January 23: AmericanStudying Groundbreaking Women: Elizabeth Blackwell: The series continues with three institutions that help tell the story of the groundbreaking physician on her 175th anniversary.

January 24: AmericanStudying Groundbreaking Women: Nelly Bly: A rightly famous work of groundbreaking investigative journalism and one that should be, as the series trailblazes on.

January 25: AmericanStudying Groundbreaking Women: Pauli Murray and Black Women in the Law: Linking to a Saturday Evening Post column of mine on the latest in a long line of groundbreaking African American women and the law.

January 26: AmericanStudying Groundbreaking Women: Shirley Chisholm: The series concludes with two telling political efforts beyond Chisholm’s groundbreaking presidential campaign.

January 27-28: AmericanStudying Groundbreaking Women: 21st Century Icons: But the groundbreaking continues, so here are six 21st century women carrying on the legacy.

January 29: Quirky American Traditions: Pumpkin Chunkin: A Groundhog Day series on quirky traditions kicks off with the very American balance between the local and the national.

January 30: Quirky American Traditions: National Hollerin’ Contest: The series continues with the challenges of preserving traditions, and how the intertubes can help.

January 31: Quirky American Traditions: Ostrich Racing: Three ways to contextualize a very strange “sports” tradition, as the series celebrates on.

February 1: Quirky American Traditions: Nenana Ice Classic: What a unique Alaskan tradition can tell us about both Alaska and traditions.

February 2: Quirky American Traditions: Groundhog Day: And the series concludes with two ways to explain why we celebrate this quirkiest of American holidays.

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