My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Sunday, December 31, 2023

December 30-31, 2023: December 2023 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

December 4: Board Game Studying: Scrabble: A series for Scrabble’s 75th anniversary kicks off with three of the moments and stages through which a homemade game becomes an icon.

December 5: Board Game Studying: Monopoly: The series continues with point, counterpoint, and counter-counterpoint when it comes to a complex game of capitalism.

December 6: Board Game Studying: Careers: What my sons and I learned about American society by playing two earlier iterations of Careers, as the series plays on.

December 7: Board Game Studying: War Games: Three board games through which a young AmericanStudier learned a lot about war histories and stories.

December 8: Board Game Studying: Collaborative Games: The series concludes with the most common form of collaborative board game, and a unique and beautiful alternative.

December 9-10: Crowd-sourced Board Game Studying: My first crowd-sourced post in a while, and a really full and fun one!

December 11: Boston Tea Party Studying: Causes: A series for the Tea Party’s 250th anniversary kicks off with a few key 1773 moments along the way to that December protest.

December 12: Boston Tea Party Studying: The Adams Boys: The series continues with how the two famous cousins complemented each other at the Tea Party.

December 13: Boston Tea Party Studying: Playing Indian: How the Tea Party connects to a fraught and frustrating American tradition, and one other layer.

December 14: Boston Tea Party Studying: The Peggy Stewart: What differentiates the Annapolis Tea Party, and what it adds to the Boston story.

December 15: Boston Tea Party Studying: The Shoemaker: The series concludes with why we should all read a great narrative history about one of the Tea Party participants.

December 16-17: A Tribute to BostonStudiers: I couldn’t share a series on the Boston Tea Party without paying tribute to some of the many folks from which I’ve learned a great deal about such histories!

December 18: Fall Semester Finds: Nguyen’s Novel in Capstone: For this semester’s reflections series I wanted to highlight new texts & ideas I encountered, starting with Eric Nguyen’s Things We Lost to the Water in my Capstone course.

December 19: Fall Semester Finds: Espada’s Poem in Ethnic American Lit: The series continues with a bracing and vital poem I rediscovered in my Ethnic American Lit course.

December 20: Fall Semester Finds: New Music in Writing I: A couple examples of how much I always learn from a First-Year Writing assignment, as the series reflects on.

December 21: Fall Semester Finds: A New Take on Hughes in Am Lit II: How a Blues musician student opened up new layers to a very familiar poem in my online American Lit survey.

December 22: Fall Semester Finds: Douglas Stuart from an MA Thesis: The series concludes with a new author to whom I’ve been introduced by a great current Graduate student.

December 23: Spring Semester Previews: The first of two weekend follow-ups to the series, on three courses I’m looking forward to in Spring 2024.

December 23-24: Hamza Suleiman’s Guest Post on Mohja Kahf: And I’m so excited to share another great Guest Post from one of Robin Field’s King’s College students!

December 25: Christmas Stories: “A Visit from St. Nicholas”: For a particularly sentimental holiday series this year, I wanted to highlight Christmas stories I shared with my sons over the years, starting with the classic poem celebrating its 200th anniversary this December.

December 26: Christmas Stories: The Father Christmas Letters: The series continues with three distinct ways to contextualize Tolkien’s classic Christmas texts.

December 27: Christmas Stories: The Night Before the Night Before Christmas: A delightful new Christmas classic from the legendary Richard Scarry, as the series reads on.

December 28: Christmas Stories: Ezra Jack Keats and the Snowy Day: On the birthday of my favorite early childhood educator, a tribute to one of the most influential children’s books of all time.

December 29: Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol: The series, month, and year conclude with two vital lessons from one of the most enduring Christmas stories.

New Year’s series starts Monday,


PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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