My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Friday, June 23, 2023

June 23, 2023: Beach Reads: Forthcoming (for Next Summer, Natch)

[The arrival of summer means a lot of good things, but high on the list for this AmericanStudier is the chance to read for pleasure, preferably on a beach blanket with a view of the crashing surf. For this year’s annual Beach Reads series, I’ll highlight recent or forthcoming books by colleagues and friends. Add your Beach Read ideas and nominations for a crowd-sourced weekend post that’ll always keep toes in the sand!]

Not every great book is gonna be out in time for this summer’s beach reading, but that just means we can start planning next year’s beach bag as well! Here are three, all like the rest of the week’s titles authored by colleagues and friends, that you’ll definitely want in there alongside the sunscreen and Goldfish crackers:

1)      Kate Jewell’s Live from the Underground: A History of College Radio (December 2023)

2)      Lara Schwartz’s Try to Love the Questions: From Debate to Dialogue in Classrooms and Life (TBD; I believe this is now the title, rather than the one listed there, but it’ll be the same great book either way)

3)      Jessica Maffetore’s debut novel Eleanora (also TBD, but looks like very soon and I’ll update this post and space when I know more!)

Crowd-sourced post this weekend,


PS. So one more time: what do you think? Beach Reads you’d nominate?

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