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Friday, May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023: Watergate Figures: Jill Wine-Volner

[On May 18th, 1973, the nationally televised Senate Watergate hearings began. So for the 50th anniversary of that historic moment, this week I’ll highlight one telling detail each for a handful of the key figures in those hearings. Leading up to a weekend post on a few contemporary echoes of that moment!]

One of the single most famous moments in the long, multi-stage process that was the Watergate hearings was when Justice Department investigator Jill Wine-Volner cross-examined President Nixon’s secretary (and close personal friend) Rose Mary Woods about the infamous 18.5 minute gap on the Watergate recordings. Wine-Volner (who subsequently divorced and remained, and so is now Jill Wine-Banks) recounted that pivotal exchange in detail for this 2020 Salon interview, making clear just how much planning, preparation, and strategizing went into what was without doubt a turning point in the case and scandal. Yet in 1973, Wine-Volner was even more famous for the frequent miniskirts she wore to work, a professional and fashion choice that became the subject of a great deal of consternation and controversy. I almost wrote “surprisingly great deal” there, but I’m not sure there’s anything surprising, then or now, about a hugely talented young female attorney being subject to such overtly superficial and stereotyping narratives. To make sure we don’t replicate that problem, I’d ask you to take away from this post Wine-Volner’s vital cross-examination, a key Watergate moment to be sure.

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