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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, July 2, 2022

July 2-3, 2022: June 2022 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

May 28-29: Sydney Kruszka’s Guest Post: Why We Should All Read Maus: I was beyond excited to share another Guest Post from Robin Field’s students at King’s College, this one on Maus!

May 30: Remembering Memorial Day: Starting my annual Memorial Day series with a post on how and why we should remember the holiday’s multiple layers.

May 31: Decoration Day Histories: Frederick Douglass: A Decoration Day series kicks off with Douglass’ vital 1871 speech.

June 1: Decoration Day Histories: Roger Pryor: The series continues with the 1876 speech that signaled two significant shifts in American attitudes.

June 2: Decoration Day Histories: “Rodman the Keeper”: The short story which reminds us of a community for whom the holiday’s meanings didn’t change, as the series rolls on.

June 3: Decoration Day Histories: So What?: The series concludes with three ways to argue for better remembering Decoration Day alongside Memorial Day.

June 4-5: A Memorial Day Tribute: A special weekend post on the holiday’s profound AmericanStudies meanings.

June 6: Judy Garland Studying: The Wizard of Oz: A series for Garland’s 100th birthday kicks off with two ways to analyze Garland’s most iconic performance.

June 7: Judy Garland Studying: Meet Me in St. Louis: The series continues with three ways to analyze Garland’s next blockbuster after Wizard.

June 8: Judy Garland Studying: A Star is Born: Two ways Garland’s profound talents are revealed by her version of a much-remade classic, as the series sings on.

June 9: Judy Garland Studying: Judgment at Nuremberg: A few thoughts on Garland’s most powerful scene in the acclaimed historical film.

June 10: Judy Garland Studying: The Judy Garland Show: The series concludes with power moves behind the scenes and even more powerful presences on the screen.

June 11-12: LGBTQ Icons: A special weekend post on AmericanStudies takeaways from how Garland and four other artists became LGTBQ icons.

June 13: Revisiting Beach Reads: Tony Hillerman: A series revisiting beach reads from my youth kicks off with Hillerman’s Southwestern mysteries in time for the new TV show Dark Winds.

June 14: Revisiting Beach Reads: Tom Clancy: The series continues with learning from authors and books who (eventually) make us cringe.

June 15: Revisiting Beach Reads: Tad Williams: Why you should read an epic four-volume sci fi series on the beach this summer, as the series reads on.

June 16: Revisiting Beach Reads: Tana French: Two ways to AmericanStudy the amazing Irish mystery novelist.

June 17: Revisiting Beach Reads: Foer and Krauss: The series concludes with why you should read two Holocaust novels on the beach this summer.

June 18-19: Crowd-sourced Beach Reads: One of my favorite crowd-sourced posts of the year didn’t disappoint!

June 20: Las Vegas Studying: Bugsy Siegel: A series for the 75th of Siegel’s murder kicks off with how his earlier cities contributed to his Las Vegas.

June 21: Las Vegas Studying: The Godfather and Casino: The series continues with important differences in how the two iconic gangster films portray the city.

June 22: Las Vegas Studying: Sin City: A necessary challenge to our Puritanical roots and how it can go too far, as the series rolls (the dice) on.

June 23: Las Vegas Studying: Vegas Films: What we can learn about the city from a handful of feature films.

June 24: Las Vegas Studying: Andre Agassi: The series concludes with the tennis great who has embodied both sides of the city.

June 25-26: Las Vegas Studying: Vegas in Song: A special weekend post on five great tunes to win (or, yes, lose) it all to.

June 27: Summer Camp Contexts: Camp Virginia: With my sons at sleepover camp, my annual CampStudying series kicks off with the camp without which there’d be no AmericanStudier.

June 28: Summer Camp Contexts: Hello Muddah: The series continues with the very American afterlife of a classic camp song.

June 29: Summer Camp Contexts: Jewish Summer Camps: Ethnicity, community, and the preservation and revision of tradition, as the series camps on.

June 30: Summer Camp Contexts: Playing Indian: The camp tradition that exemplifies a troubling American trend, and how to challenge it.

July 1: Summer Camp Contexts: My Camp Anti-Racists: Couldn’t conclude the series without sharing the story of my sons’ antiracism at last year’s sleepover camp.

July 4th series starts Monday,


PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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