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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, May 28, 2022

May 28, 2022: May 2022 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

May 2: Images of Internment: Three Representations: On the 80th anniversary of an infamous broadside, a series on Japanese incarceration kicks off with three cultural representations of the historic horror.

May 3: Images of Internment: The Civil Liberties Act: The series continues with two things the 1988 law got right, and one way it came up short.

May 4: Images of Internment: Yuri Kochiyama: A few of the many reasons we should better remember the inspiring activist, as the series rolls on.

May 5: Images of Internment: Allegiance and No No Boy: Two cultural works that together help us better remember a particularly complex part of the story.

May 6: Images of Internment: Korematsu (and Endo): The series concludes with two contradictory but interconnected Supreme Court cases that together helped end incarceration.

May 7-8: Scholarship on Internment: A special week post on a handful of the many scholars doing the vital work.

May 9: Spring Semester Reflections: Du Bois Seminar: The Spring 2022 semester was the hardest yet, but it still had amazing individual moments. So for my semester reflections I wanted to highlight some, starting with a wonderful class-long conversation in my Du Bois seminar.

May 10: Spring Semester Reflections: First Year Writing II: The series continues with great film studies conversations in my First Year Writing II classes.

May 11: Spring Semester Reflections: American Lit II: The benefits of putting multiple authors and texts in conversation with each other, as the series teaches on.

May 12: Spring Semester Reflections: 19th Century Women Writers Grad Class: Why I’m really glad I made a last-minute decision to include some readings in the first meeting of my grad class.

May 13: Spring Semester Reflections: The Short Story Online: The series concludes with the 21st century story to which students in my online class responded particularly impressively.

May 14-15: Spring Semester Reflections: Adult Ed and Two Sandlots: A special weekend post on what my adult learning courses contributed to my book manuscript in progress.

May 16: Aviation Histories: The Wright Brothers: Ahead of an important aviation anniversary, a series kicks off with three lesser-known facts about the brothers who changed the world.

May 17: Aviation Histories: Charles Lindbergh: The series continues with how history can overshadow history, and why we should partly resist that trend.

May 18: Aviation Histories: Eleanor Roosevelt and Tuskegee: The profoundly historic flight that we should be much better remembered, as the series soars on.

May 19: Aviation Histories: Howard Hughes: How to acclaimed films remember the iconoclastic aviator, and how to complement both narratives.

May 20: Aviation Histories: Sully: The series concludes with the quiet lessons of an averted disaster, and the film that didn’t quite learn them.

May 20-21: Aviation Histories: Amelia Earhart: For the 90th anniversary of her historic flight, a few additional layers to Earhart’s solo transatlantic journey.

May 23: Star Wars Studying: A Cross-Cultural Force: Ahead of the release of Obi Wan, a Star Wars series kicks off with how the first film’s debt reveals the saga’s cross-cultural meanings.

May 24: Star Wars Studying: The Force Awakens and Marketing: The series continues with why I loved the new trilogy’s innovative nostalgia, and why it’s multi-level marketing worries me.

May 25: Star Wars Studying: Rogue One, Diversity, and War: Two ways my favorite Star Wars film pushed the envelope for the saga, as the series blasts on.

May 26: Star Wars Studying: Yoda, Luke, and Love: What the wisest Jedi Master got very wrong, and why the opposite lesson matters so much.

May 27: Star Wars Studying: The Thrawn Trilogy: The series concludes with what Timothy Zahn’s novels meant to fans, and what that can tell us about genre storytelling.

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