My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

March 20-21, 2021: Sharing Of Thee I Sing

[In honor of the official March 15th release of Of Thee I Sing, this week’s series has highlighted exemplary American critical patriots. Leading up to this weekend update on the many ways I’ve been able to share the book over the last few months, and my request for opportunities to keep doing so!]

As I highlighted this past weekend, I’ve created a blog page that lists all the past, present, and future book talks, podcast episodes, and columns on Of Thee I Sing. I’ll keep updating that with links and info as things develop, and it’ll always be linked on the right-hand column of this blog as well. The next virtual talk is next Saturday, March 27th, at 2pm for the great local indie bookstore Toadstool Books!

As of the morning I’m drafting this post (Friday, March 19th), Of Thee I Sing is Amazon’s #1 new release in Civil Rights, which is profoundly moving to me. One of my book’s central arguments is that critical patriotism is embodied in protest, and most especially protests for rights for all Americans, for equality and justice for all. It means a lot to have my book in conversation with all the other great ones that address such histories and issues, and I'd love to talk more about those connections in book talks & pieces of all kinds. (After I scheduled this post, it looked like the book became also the #1 new release in Political History, which is fun to think about too!)

Finally (for now!), I’ll just reiterate that I’d really love the chance to talk about the book and the contested history of American patriotism with any and all audiences and communities—not just bookstores, libraries and cultural sites, podcasts, and the others listed on the above page, but also (and in some ways especially) classes and student communities, book and reading groups, websites and online spaces, and other conversations. Please feel free to reach out (here or by email) with ideas, leads, invites, whatever you’ve got!

Next series starts Monday,


PS. So what do you think? Communities and audiences with which I could share the book and the contested histories of American patriotism?

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