My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

July 4-5, 2020: Patriotism’s Contested Histories: Of Thee I Sing

[Later this year, my next book, Of Thee I Sing: The Contested History of American Patriotism, will be published in Rowman & Littlefield’s American Ways series. So this year’s July 4th series, I wanted to highlight a few of the contested histories of American patriotism that project includes. Leading up to this special weekend post on the book itself!]
I don’t have quite as specific an update as I was hoping, so this late April post on the book contains much of what I’d say here. But I can tell you that Of Thee I Sing has gone into production, that it should be out in late November, and that the cover is likely to contain these two images.
And I’ll add this: my 2019/early 2020 book talks for We the People were one of my favorite things from my career to date, and I’d love to continue that momentum for Of Thee I Sing, whether online or in person. So if you have ideas, nominations, contacts for spaces, communities, conversations to which I could connect, I’d love to hear them (in comments, by email, wherever). Thanks in advance!
Next series starts Monday,
PS. What do you think? Other moments or stories of patriotism you’d highlight?

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