My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Friday, November 8, 2019

November 8, 2019: 9 Years of AmericanStudier: What’s Next

[This week marks this blog’s 9th anniversary! Nearly 2800 posts later, AmericanStudier has become my most extended & enduring life’s work, and so this week I wanted to share a handful of the reasons why I’ve kept it going for so long. Leading up a special weekend list of other scholarly blogs that we should all be reading—add your suggestions (including your own blog of course), please!]
I thought about writing a post on my own plans and goals for the next year (or nine), but in truth from my perspective they’re extensions of where the blog has been and where it is here on its 9th birthday. Of course I look forward to adding more voices into the mix, through Guest Posts, Crowd-sourced Posts, social media conversations, and more, but otherwise, more from this AmericanStudier is certainly in the offing.
However, there’s another and even more impactful way to feature your voices—getting your input on ways AmericanStudies can continue to evolve in the year(s) to come. As always, I’d love to hear from you, including in comments here or by email; even just letting me know who you are, what brings/brought you here, and the like would be very much appreciated. But to create a space for even further response and conversation, I’ve created a Google Doc that anyone with the link can contribute to. That link is here:
Please feel free to share your responses, ideas, suggestions, and more for the future of AmericanStudies (or, again, just say hi and introduce yourself a bit if you would)! The future is up to all of us, and that’s just as true in this space as it is in America.
List of other scholarly blogs to check out this weekend,
PS. So one more time: other scholarly blogs you’d suggest for the weekend list? And please do add your thoughts to the Google Doc if you get a chance!

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