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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

December 30-31, 2017: December 2017 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
December 4: Reconstruction Figures: Alexander Crummell and Frederick Douglass: A Reconstruction series starts with an impromptu but telling debate between two titans.
December 5: Reconstruction Figures: The Fisk Jubilee Singers: The series continues with two vital legacies of a cultural and historical artistic project.
December 6: Reconstruction Figures: Albion Tourgée: Two distinct but interconnected ways to remember a seminal 19th century figure, as the series rolls on.
December 7: Reconstruction Figures: Andrew Johnson: Three telling stages in the life and career of one of our worst presidents.
December 8: Reconstruction Figures: Yung Wing?: Whether and how to remember the pioneering Chinese American educator as a Reconstruction figure.
December 9-10: Reconstruction Figures: P.B.S. Pinchback: The series concludes with three stages in the unique life of the first African American governor, on the 145th anniversary of his taking office.
December 11: Fall 2017 Reflections: America in the Gilded Age: A fall semester recap series on Teaching under Trump starts with the limits and possibilities of unspoken contexts in a historical course.
December 12: Fall 2017 Reflections: Mark Twain Seminar: The series continues with reading and thinking about a long-past author as a contemporary commentator.
December 13: Fall 2017 Reflections: First-year Writing I: How a culminating writing assignment can help us engage with the world around us, as the series rolls on.
December 14: Fall 2017 Reflections: Adult Learning Classes: Three benefits for life in Trump’s America from my semester’s three adult learning classes.
December 15: Fall 2017 Reflections: Intro to Speech: The series concludes with not intervening in political discussions, and whether I should have.
December 16-17: Spring 2018 Previews: Looking ahead to three Spring semester courses and one big writing project—share your spring plans in comments, please!
December 18: Longmire Lessons: Gab and Mandy: A series on the recently concluded, truly wonderful Longmire starts with the distinct lessons offered by two young Native American characters.
December 19: Longmire Lessons: Malachi and Matthias: The series continues with one character who generally reinforced cultural stereotypes, and one who wonderfully revised them.
December 20: Longmire Lessons: Cowboy Bill: A mysterious character who embodied first Western mythos and then realities, as the series streams on.
December 21: Longmire Lessons: Hector and Henry: An iconic but mythic Native American character, and a flesh-and-blood one who took a different path.
December 22: Longmire Lessons: Walt and Cady: The series concludes with a couple final takeaways from the wonderful story of the multi-generational Longmire family.
December 23-24: An AmericanStudies Wish: My shortest but sweetest blog post yet!
December 25: Reviewing Resistance: Empathy: A reviewing the year in resistance series starts with the continued and vital need for empathy.
December 26: Reviewing Resistance: Late-night Comedy: The series continues with three distinct and interesting ways late-night hosts have challenged Trump.
December 27: Reviewing Resistance: Judges: One of the worst parts of Trump’s first year and an ironic but crucial counterpoint, as the series rolls on.
December 28: Reviewing Resistance: Twitter: Three Twitter accounts that exemplify three forms of social media resistance.
December 29: Reviewing Resistance: Fitchburg State University: The series concludes with three inspiring conversations taking place on my own campus.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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