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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 3-4, 2017: May 2017 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
May 1: DisasterStudying: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake: A series on the 80th anniversary of the Hindenburg crash kicks off with inspiring communal responses to a destructive disaster.
May 2: DisasterStudying: The Triangle Fire: The series continues with three legacies of a horrific early 20th century industrial disaster.
May 3: DisasterStudying: Boston’s Great Molasses Flood: Three telling details about a unique North End disaster, as the series rolls on.
May 4: DisasterStudying: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927: Connecting America’s most destructive river flood to three prominent historical figures.
May 5: DisasterStudying: Representing Katrina: Three stages of artistic depictions of the recent, controversial tragedy.
May 6-7: DisasterStudying: The Hindenburg: The series concludes with two contexts for the airship crash, one justifiably famous and one much more complex but worth remembering.
May 8: The Scholars Strategy Network and Me: SSN Origins and Goals: An SSN series begins with three contexts for how and why the group was created.
May 9: The Scholars Strategy Network and Me: Online Writing: The series continues with SSN and the moment that changed everything in my career.
May 10: The Scholars Strategy Network and Me: Online Writing, Extended: Two SSN-inspired posts that extended beyond their online starting points, as the series rolls on.
May 11: The Scholars Strategy Network and Me: No Jargon Podcast: What I learned from contributing to SSN’s wonderful podcast, and why we should all listen to it.
May 12: The Scholars Strategy Network and Me: Boston March for Science: Three takeaways from my participation in the activist effort.
May 13-14: The Scholars Strategy Network and Me: Leadership Summit: The series concludes with three things about SSN that a recent event helped clarify for me.
May 15: Spring 2017 Reflections: Fruitvale and Black-ish in Writing II: An end-of-semester series kicks off with the limits and benefits of using contemporary multimedia texts in first-year writing.
May 16: Spring 2017 Reflections: Sui Sin Far in the American Novel: The series continues with what didn’t work and what did when I used a short story collection in a novel course.
May 17: Spring 2017 Reflections: Contemporary Connections in American Lit I: Two ways I linked my most historical class to our current moment, as the series rolls on.
May 18: Spring 2017 Reflections: Contemporary Issues in Adult Learning: How my most recent adult learning class evolved, and why I’m glad it did.
May 19: Spring 2017 Reflections: The Short Story—Online: The series concludes with a few takeaways from my first experience teaching an all-online class.
May 20-21: Summer and Fall 2017 Previews: Previews of the new or heavily revised courses I’ll be teaching this summer and fall—I’d love to hear about what’s next for you!
May 22: Star Wars Studying: A Cross-Cultural Force: A Star Wars 40th anniversary series starts with how the first film was inspired by international texts, and why that’s a good thing.
May 23: Star Wars Studying: The Force Awakens and Marketing: The series continues with two things I love about the first film in the new trilogy, and why it worries me a bit.
May 24: Star Wars Studying: Rogue One, Diversity, and War: Two ways the newest film pushed the envelope for the franchise, as the series rolls on.
May 25: Star Wars Studying: Yoda, Luke, and Love: What the wise Jedi Master got wrong about the Force, and why the opposite lesson matters so much.
May 26: Star Wars Studying: The Thrawn Trilogy: The series continues with what Timothy Zahn’s novels can help us understand about genre storytelling.
May 27-28: Matthew Teutsch’s Guest Post: Five African American Books We Should All Read: My latest Guest Post highlights five vital African American texts and authors.
May 29: Better Remembering Memorial Day: My annual Memorial Day post kicks off a Decoration Day series.
May 30: Decoration Day Histories: Frederick Douglass: The series continues with one of the great American speeches and why it’s so relevant today.
May 31: Decoration Day Histories: Roger Pryor: The invitation and speech that mark two shifts in American attitudes, as the series rolls on.
June 1: Decoration Day Histories: “Rodman the Keeper”: How a Constance Fenimore Woolson short story can help us remember a community for whom the holiday didn’t shift.
June 2: Decoration Day Histories: So What?: The series concludes with three arguments for remembering Decoration Day alongside Memorial Day.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to contribute? Lemme know!

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