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Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 18-19, 2017: Crowd-sourced JustifiedStudying

[Last fall, I spent a very happy month or so binge-watching all of FX’s Justified. With main characters based on an Elmore Leonard novella, the show focused on—but was in no way limited to—the exploits of Timothy Olyphant’s federal marshal Raylan Givens. I loved many many things about Justified, so for this year’s Valentine’s series I wanted to highlight and analyze a few of them. Leading up to this crowd-sourced post with responses from a few fellow JustifiedStudiers—add yours in comments, please!]
Two-time Guest Poster and Justified super fan Emily Lauer shared a couple responses:
Responding to the start of the series, she writes, “I love this show too and I'm excited about the week of posts on it! I yearn for a post on Gangstagrass, and one comparing the overall arc of the show to the plot of the first Elmore Leonard story it's based on (that gave its title to the pilot).”
And responding to Tuesday’s post on Raylan and Boyd, she adds, “(Spoilers ahead) On the subject of Boyd and love, I found it fascinating that for a good long while, Boyd and Ava's romantic relationship was the most well-adjusted and communicative one on the show. Neither of them had been depicted as mature open people before that, but their power couple dynamic felt believable and aspirational regardless.”
On Twitter, Shelley Girdner writes, “I just discovered Justified and have been trying to name what I love about it, so I’m happy to read [these posts] heeding the call.”
Megan Fulwiler Tweets, “Loved it almost as much as The Wire too. It’s all about the banter between Raylan & Boyd.”
Vanessa King shares, “My boyfriend was born and raised in Central Va. And I have lived here since high school. We loved both The Wire and Justified. Does Justified take advantage of stereotypes and Southern caricatures? Yes. Do my boyfriend and I think any of them were particularly out of place or incorrect, no.”
Finally, one of my favorite TV writers, Uproxx’s Alan Sepinwall, is as always very worth reading on Justified, such as in this post as the series finale was about to air (also see this concluding interview with series creator Graham Yost).
Next series starts Monday
PS. What do you think? Other responses to Justified you’d share?

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