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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 28-29, 2015: November 2015 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
November 2: Dead Presidents: Warren G. Harding: A series inspired by Harding’s birthday kicks off with what do and don’t know about the mysterious life and death of a president.
November 3: Dead Presidents: William Henry Harrison: The series continues with what may have been lost, and what definitely was, in the most striking presidential death.
November 4: Dead Presidents: James Garfield: How the second-shortest presidential term was still an impressive and influential one, as the series rolls on.
November 5: Dead Presidents: William McKinley: Two reasons why I can’t mourn the loss of the McKinley presidency, despite his tragic assassination.
November 6: Dead Presidents: FDR: The series concludes with public perceptions, private realities, and the influential health of a president.
November 7-8: Five Years!: In honor of my five year blogiversary, I highlight five blogs and bloggers that have been inspiring and important to my own work.
November 9: American Inventors: Franklin and Jefferson: A series inspired by Robert Fulton’s birthday kicks off with a telling invention linked to each of the two founders, and what separates them.
November 10: American Inventors: Eli Whitney’s Effects: The series continues with the famous inventor’s more and less well-known effects, and what they have in common.
November 11: American Inventors: Bell and Edison: Heroes, villains, and another way to see the historical picture, as the series rolls on.
November 12: American Inventors: Boykin and Graham: Two largely forgotten, inspiring and influential inventors, and what links them.
November 13: American Inventors: Steamboat Culture: The series concludes with five cultural texts that make good use of the birthday boy’s inventive innovation.
November 14-15: Crowd-sourced Inventors and Inventions: A busy travel schedule meant I didn’t get to solicit many contributions to this post—so be sure to add yours in comments, please!
November 16: SHA Follow Ups: Our Panel on the KKK: A series following up the Southern Historical Association conference in Little Rock starts with a few takeaways from the panel on which I presented.
November 17: SHA Follow Ups: Special Sessions: The series continues with highlights from the conference’s provocative and complementary special sessions.
November 18: SHA Follow Ups: Panels: Takeaways from a few of the many great SHA panels I attended, as the series rolls on.
November 19: SHA Follow Ups: Books: Five new releases from UNC Press that illustrate the wealth of great scholarship featured at the SHA book exhibit.
November 20: SHA Follow Ups: Little Rock and Race: The series concludes with three layers to how the city remembers race, and the fragile significance of the third.
November 21-22: The Upcoming NeMLA Conference: Speaking of conferences, here’s a sneak peak of my forthcoming President’s Letter about the March 2016 NeMLA Conference in Hartford!
November 23: Cultural Thanks-givings: Longmire: A series on current cultural texts for which I’m thankful kicks off with the TV show that’s both traditional and groundbreaking.
November 24: Cultural Thanks-givings: Grace and Frankie: The series continues with two ways the Netflix sitcom pushes our cultural boundaries, and one way it happily does not.
November 25: Cultural Thanks-givings: Americanah: Two of the many reasons why I’d call Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel one of the 21st century’s best, as the series rolls on.
November 26: Cultural Thanks-givings: Macklemore: Two complementary songs that illustrate why I’m thankful for Macklemore’s engagements with American identity.
November 27: Cultural Thanks-givings: Allegiance and Hamilton: The series concludes with what links and what differentiates two important new musicals.
Next series starts Monday,
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