My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5-6, 2015: Resources for Teaching

[As another Fall semester kicks off, this week I’ve offered a series of preview posts, focusing on new things I’ll be trying this semester. Leading up to this special weekend post!]
This past May, to pay forward a bit the incredible honor of receiving FSU’s Vincent J. Mara Excellence in Teaching Award, I wrote a post highlighting some of the many inspiring teachers I’ve known and learned from in my fortunate life. For this special post, I wanted to complement that one by highlighting a handful of resources from which I’ve learned a ton about and for teaching:
1)      FSU’s Center for Teaching and Learning: Founded by my colleague and friend Sean Goodlett, and now co-directed by my colleagues and friends Kisha Tracy and Kate Jewell, the CTL has been a vital resource for my teaching throughout my decade at FSU. Its list of resources has just as much to offer educators far from Fitchburg and at many different institutions and levels, I’d argue. Check it out!
2)      Rice’s Center for Teaching Excellence: In this post, part of my weeklong series of follow ups to the De Lange Conference, I said most everything I’d want to say about the exemplary, amazing institution that is the Rice CTE. So I’ll cut this entry short so you can explore the CTE’s site and resources—you won’t be disappointed!
3)      Online Resources for Teaching American Literature: That could be a very long list, of course, but here I’ll highlight three, two of which I know well and one of which I look forward to exploring: the online journal Teaching American Literature, in which I’ve been fortunate enough to publish two articles and which is always worth reading; my father Stephen Railton’s many wonderful digital projects, including his latest, Digital Yoknapatawpha; and the under construction Pegagogy & American Literary Studies blog, which promises to add a great deal to the conversation.
4)      Individual Colleagues: I’d say I’ve learned something from everyone alongside whom I’ve been fortunate enough to teach over the years, starting with my Temple officemate Jeff Renye; that’s certainly been true of my FSU English colleagues as well. Here I’ll highlight three: Heather Urbanski, who is always innovating in every sense; Steve Edwards, who brings out his students’ voices and perspectives as well as anyone I know; and the aforementioned Kisha Tracy, who makes her classes as fun and engaging as they are rigorous and productive.
5)      This Space for You: I could go on, but I really want to encourage you to share resources of your own! So consider this an even stronger than usual invitation to contribute your own ideas, thoughts, experiences, and perspectives—in comments or by email. Thanks!
Next series starts Monday,
PS. So what do you think? Resources you’d highlight? Fall plans you’d share? Bring ‘em on!

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