My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15, 2015: Spring 2015 Previews: Bringing my Hall to ALFA

[With the start of a new semester comes all the new opportunities and possibilities provided by a fresh group of courses. In this week’s series I’ll highlight a few of those semester plans, among a couple other things on my Spring 2015 radar. I’d love to hear about your spring plans and goals in comments!]
For my next Adult Learning in the Fitchburg Area (ALFA) course, I decided to share the lives and writings of five figures (one for each week of the course) that I’ll be nominating for my Hall of American Inspiration project. The five I chose, and a prior post that helps explain why:
1)      William Apess!
2)      Ida B. Wells!
3)      Sui Sin Far!
4)      Abraham Cahan!
5)      José Antonio Vargas!
Can’t wait to see how my always-inspiring ALFA students will respond to the histories and stories, texts and contexts, to which these five connect.
Next preview tomorrow,

PS. What do you think? Spring plans you’d share?

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