My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11-12, 2014: AmericanStudying Appalachia: Online Resources

[I’ve already apologized to West Virginia in this space, but this week I’ve gone further: AmericanStudying Appalachia through five compelling cultural texts. It’s led up to this special weekend post highlighting a few wonderful resources for further Appalachian analyses.]
Three online resources that can help you AmericanStudy Appalachia a lot further than I was able to in this handful of posts:
1)      Appalachian History: A really wonderful scholarly, cultural, and personal blog on all things Appalachia, past and present.
2)      AppLit: An NEH-supported project providing “resources for readers and teachers of Appalachian literature for children and young adults.”
3)      Appalachian Studies: Web Resources: An example of the web at its best, this West Virginia University Library site compiles dozens of resources for every aspect of Appalachian Studies.
I’d love to hear about AmericanStudies resources you’ve found or used, specific to Applachia or otherwise, in comments!
Next series starts Monday,
PS. What do you think? Other resources you'd share?


  1. Ohio University has a good Appalachian Studies links page: