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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30-31, 2014: August 2014 Recap

[A recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
August 4: Virginia Voices: William Byrd II: A series anticipating my next trip back to my home state starts with a complex, contradictory, compelling early Virginia voice.
August 5: Virginia Voices: Thomas Nelson Page: The series continues with the once-popular author it’d be okay not to read, and why we perhaps still should.
August 6: Virginia Voices: William McGuffey: The 19th century minister and academic who profoundly impacted American education, as the series rolls on.
August 7: Virginia Voices: Tom Wolfe: The author who helped redefine what novels could be, and then interestingly turned to more conventional fiction in his later career.
August 8: Virginia Voices: V.C. Andrews: The series concludes with the popular author who has become, long after her death, something quite different.
August 9-10: Italian American Voices: Nancy Caronia’s Guest Post: In my latest Guest Post, my colleague and friend highlights significant literary, cultural, and scholarly Italian American voices.
August 11: Birthday Specials: Born This Day: A birthday-week series starts with four Americans who share August 11th bdays.
August 12: Birthday Specials: American Memory Days: The series continues with the post that inaugurated my American Memory Day Calendar.
August 13: Birthday Specials: 2011 Birthday Best: The post that highlighted 34 favorites from my blog’s first year, as the series rolls on.
August 14: Birthday Specials: 2012 Birthday Best: 35 favorites from my blog’s second year!
August 15: Birthday Specials: 2013 Birthday Best: And 36 favorites from my blog’s third year!
August 16-17: Birthday Specials: 37 for 37: The series concludes with this year bday’s post, highlighting 37 of my favorites from the blog’s fourth year!
August 18: Films for the Dog Days: Dog Day Afternoon: A series on films about and for the dog days of summer starts with the gritty crime drama that’s also sneakily subversive.
August 19: Films for the Dog Days: Jungle Fever and Mississippi Masala: The series continues with two steamy interracial romances that make for a great film marriage.
August 20: Films for the Dog Days: Body Heat: The classic film noir that captures the genre’s problems with heat, as the series rolls on.
August 21: Films for the Dog Days: In the Heat of the Night and Black Snake Moan: On two very different steamy Southern stories that together help us remember dark regional histories.
August 22: Films for the Dog Days: Men with Guns: The series concludes with a film that takes Americans, both characters and audiences, to our Southern neighbor.
August 23-24: Crowd-sourced Dog Days: My latest crowd-sourced post, as fellow AmericanStudiers share their responses and dog day film nominees!
August 25: Hall of Inspiration Nominees: Bartolomé de Las Casas: A series on nominees for my in-progress Hall of American Inspiration starts with one of the earliest inspiring Americans.
August 26: Hall of Inspiration Nominees: Ely Parker: The series continues with the nominee who embodied inspiring cultural and cross-cultural identities.
August 27: Hall of Inspiration Nominees: Ida B. Wells: The inspiring voice and activist from one of our darkest moments, as the series rolls on.
August 28: Hall of Inspiration Nominees: Jane Addams: On the inspiring historic figure and site that still have a great deal to teach us in our own era.
August 29: Hall of Inspiration Nominees: Dororthy Day: The series concludes with the activist who exemplified the most inspiring possibilities of American Christianity.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics or themes you'd like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you'd like to contribute? Lemme know, please!

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