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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2-3, 2013: February 2013 Recap

[I’d still love your nominations for my roundtable on the national Big Read! But here’s a recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
February 1: Football in America, Part Four: The series concludes with a post on the different AmericanStudies connections of football in the Lonestar State.
February 2-3: Crowd-sourced Super Bowl: Crowd-sourced responses to the week’s football-inspired series. Add yours to help us run up the score!
February 4: Remembering Wheatley and Washington: A Black History month series on compelling conversations starts with the poet and the (future) president.
February 5: Remembering Delany and Lincoln: The series continues with a post on the visitor who helped change the course of a war.
February 6: Remembering Crummell and Douglass: The complex and crucial post-bellum debate between two titans, as the series rolls on.  
February 7: Remembering Washington and Roosevelt: Guess who came to dinner? Booker T. Washington, that’s who.
February 8: Remembering Baldwin and Buckley: The series concludes with the many sides of a telling 1960s debate.
February 9-10: Crowd-sourced Remembering: A nomination for another Black History remembrance. Add yours, please!
February 11: I Love the Shaws: A Valentine’s series on AmericanStudies loves starts with a very impressive parental decision.
February 12: I Love Chesnutt in His Journals: The series continues with the inspiring private reflections of the author I love most.
February 13: I Love Plath’s Most Personal Poem: The under-remembered and hugely moving poem we should all show some love.
February 14: I Love Three Pages in Ceremony: The amazingly rich and inspiring three pages of one of my favorite American novels, as the series rolls on.
February 15: I Love Memento’s Closing Monologue: The series concludes with the universal yet very American closing moments of one of my favorite recent films.
February 16-17: Crowd-soured Love: A few other AmericanStudies loves—I’d love for you to add some of yours!
February 18: AmericanStudiers To Watch, Part One: A series on AmericanStudies scholars to keep an eye on kicks off with three Native AmericanStudiers.
February 19: AmericanStudiers To Watch, Part Two: The series continues with three scholars who exemplify the different sides of childhood studies.
February 20: AmericanStudiers To Watch, Part Three: Three interesting scholarly takes on race and childhood in America, as the series rolls on.
February 21: AmericanStudiers To Watch, Part Four: On the website and digital project that illustrates the best of what digital humanities can be and offer.
February 22: AmericanStudiers To Watch, Part Five: The series concludes with three multi-lingual AmericanStudiers with whom I was honored to share an MLA panel.
February 23-24: Crowd-sourced AmericanStudiers to Watch: Responses to the week’s posts and other AmericanStudiers to watch. Who are you watching?
February 25-28: The Even Bigger Read Still Needs You!: That aforementioned request for nominations for a National Big Read!
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Things you’d like to see in this space in the months ahead? Guest posts you want to contribute? Let me know, here or by email (!

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