My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012: December 2012 Recap

[Recapping the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
December 1-2: Chilly Crowd-sourcing: A series on winter in American culture concludes with the responses and thoughts of some fellow AmericanStudiers—add yours, please!
December 3: AmericanStudying the Pacific, Part One: A Pearl Harbor-inspired series starts with a post on commemorating or remembering war—and Clint Eastwood films.
December 4: AmericanStudying the Pacific, Part Two: The series continues with the two distinct sides of San Diego’s USS Midway Museum.
December 5: AmericanStudying the Pacific, Part Three: On Midway, The Thin Red Line, and two distinct eras and types of war movies.
December 6: AmericanStudying the Pacific, Part Four: On what I took away from a childhood building war-related models, as the series rolls on.
December 7: AmericanStudying the Pacific, Part Five: The series concludes with a special post on remembering Pearl Harbor and similarly infamous days.
December 8-9: Lincoln, Culture, and History: Another special post, this one on some of the questions about cultural images of history raised by the new Spielberg film.
December 10: Fireside Reads, Part One: A series on AmericanStudies works to read on long winter’s nights begins with two late 19th century mega-novels.
December 11: Fireside Reads, Part Two: The series continues with Carlos Bulosan’s contribution to our fireside reading.
December 12: Fireside Reads, Part Three: On my favorite American poet, and one with whom you could definitely spend some quality time by the fire.
December 13: Fireside Reads, Part Four: The American mystery novelist who will give you the best kind of winter chills, as the series rolls on.
December 14: Fireside Reads, Part Five: The series concludes with some worthy fireside reads from international, honorary AmericanStudiers.
December 15-16: Crowd-sourced Fireside Reads: Suggestions for fireside reads from fellow AmericanStudiers—add your own, please!
December 17-23: AmericanStudier Needs You: The old AmericanStudier site is sadly defunct, but I plan to rebuild in the new year—and would love your suggestions, contributions, and feedback!
December 24: Making My List (Again), Part One: My annual list of wishes for the AmericanStudies Elves kicks off with the Christmas Eve attitude we could all use a bit more of.
December 25: Making My List (Again), Part Two: The series continues with my wish for what we can all take away from the best Christmas film ever.
December 26: Making My List (Again), Part Three: On my wish for American attitudes toward and inclusion of atheists.
December 27: Making My List (Again), Part Four: The website and project that all Americans should engage with and support, as the series rolls on.
December 28: Making My List (Again), Part Five: The series concludes with my wish for an experience that all American kids should get to have.
December 29-30: Making Our Lists: A crowd-sourced post on AmericanStudies wish lists—but it could use some more wishes! Add yours, please!
New year and series stars tomorrow,
PS. Things you’d like to read about in this space in 2013? Guest Posts you’d like to write? Lemme know!

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