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My New Book!
My New Book!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012: October 2012 Recap

[The spooooky posts resume tomorrow, but first, this recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
October 1: Up in the Air, Part One: First in a series inspired by articles in the US Airways magazine, this one on a Charlotte, North Carolina, Museum.
October 2: Up in the Air, Part Two: Next in the series, on the varied and inspiring efforts of country star Zac Brown.
October 3: Up in the Air, Part Three: The series continues with a post on Asheville, North Carolina’s forgotten son, Thomas Wolfe.
October 4: Up in the Air, Part Four: On the complex, challenging, and very American history of Puerto Rico’s Vieques island.
October 5: Up in the Air, Part Five: The series concludes with a post on the appeals and downsides of American nostalgia.
October 6-7: Brother Ali: A tribute post to a very unique and talented young American musician.
October 8: Columbus Day Alternatives, Part One: First in a series of nominations for a Cross-Cultural Day alternative to Columbus Day, this one on images of the arrival and exploration era.
October 9: Columbus Day Alternatives, Part Two: The series continues with a post on the cross-cultural and inspiring life of Ely Parker.
October 10: Columbus Day Alternatives, Part Three: Next in the series, on two distinct but equally cross-cultural late 19th century literary works.
October 11: Columbus Day Alternatives, Part Four: On the voice, writings, and identity of Zitkala-Sa.
October 12: Columbus Day Alternatives, Part Five: Last in the series, on some important and inspiring cross-cultural work being done right now.
October 13-14: Crowd-sourcing Columbus Day Alternatives: A crowd-sourced post, drawn from responses to the week’s series and topics.
October 15: Guest Post on Margaret Weis Brown: A series on children’s literature begins with Ilene Railton’s post on Brown and Goodnight Moon.
October 16: Ezra Jack Keats: The series continues with a tribute to a particularly progressive children’s book and author.
October 17: Mike Mulligan and His America: Next in the series, on the complex historical and cultural themes of Virginia Lee Burton’s classic.
October 18: Maurice Sendak: A tribute to the William Faulkner of children’s lit.
October 19: Frustrating George: The series concludes with a post on the most appalling and more inspiring sides to H.A. Rey’s mega-hit.
October 20-21: Crowd-sourcing Children’s Books: Another crowd-sourced post, following up the week’s series with lots of other voices and ideas.
October 22: Adverse Reactions, Part One: A series on inspiring responses to horrible situations begins with a post on the voices and texts of Angel Island.
October 23: Adverse Reactions, Part Two: On Trayvon Martin’s parents, Jim and Sue Brady, and turning tragedy to activism.
October 24: Adverse Reactions, Part Three: On the multiple layers of inspiration in Helen Keller’s life, work, and perspsective.
October 25: Adverse Reactions, Part Four: On two recent, very different, but equally impressive memoirs about loss and its aftermaths.
October 26: Adverse Reactions, Part Five: The series concludes with just a few of the reasons why Abraham Lincoln exemplifies my week’s theme.
October 27-28: Crowd-sourcing American Adversity: Other AmericanStudiers reflect on the week’s questions and topics.
October 29: AmericanSpooking, Part One: The Halloween-inspired series begins with a post on Poe, Danielewski, and horror.
October 30: AmericanSpooking, Part Two: Next in the series, on five exemplary American scary stories.
Back to the scares tomorrow,
PS. Topics, themes, texts, or thoughts you’d like to see in this space in the coming months? Guest posts you’d like to write? Let me know!
10/31 Memory Day nominee: Juliette Gordon Low, the Southern belle turned world traveler and children’s advocate whose 1912 founding of the Girl Scouts (known first as the American Girl Guides) has impacted millions of young Americans (and American sweet teeth).

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