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My New Book!
My New Book!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1, 2012: June 2012 Recap

[A recap of the month that was in American Studying.]
June 1: Remembering the Tuskegee Airmen: A Memorial Day inspired series continued with this post on a unique and impressive group of soldiers.
June 2-3: Remembering or Commemorating War: The series concludes with a post on Michael Kammen’s concepts of memory and commemoration, and the question of how we portray war in our cultural texts.
June 4: America is for Lovers, Part 1: A series on interesting American couples starts with Fanny Fern and James Parton.
June 5: America is for Lovers, Part 2: The series continues with Lorraine Hansberry’s Walter and Ruth Younger.
June 6: America is for Lovers, Part 3: The next complex American couple, John Reed and Louise Bryant.
June 7: America is for Lovers, Part 4: Thoughts on Betty Friedan and an artistic couple, Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz.
June 8: America is for Lovers, Part 5: On idealized and realistic portrayals of marriage in contemporary popular culture.
June 9-10: Guest Post: Facebook and the Isolated American: My colleague Kisha Tracy’s guest post on Facebook and contemporary identity.
June 11: Playing with America, Part 1: A series on toys and games in America kicks off with the American Girl dolls.
June 12: Playing with America, Part 2: Next in the series, on possible analyses of the 1950s hula hoop fad.
June 13: Playing with America, Part 3: On the complicated and interesting case of the Uncle Tom’s Cabin toys and games.
June 14: Playing with America, Part 4: On gender differences and the new series of Legos designed specifically for girls.
June 15: Playing with America, Part 5: On the stigmas and the scholarly benefits of table top roleplaying games.
June 16-17: Crowd-sourced Post on Material Culture: Something new, a crowd-sourced post drawn from comments and responses of other American Studiers to the week’s series.
June 18: American Studying the Election, Part 1: A series on American Studies analyses of the 2012 election starts with the DREAM Act and immigration.
June 19: American Studying the Election, Part 2: The election series turns to the history of and contemporary issues related to guns in America.
June 20: American Studying the Election, Part 3: On the history and potential future of war as a political choice and option.
June 21: American Studying the Election, Part 4: The series continues with a post on the longstanding but often misrepresented debates over the role of government in America.
June 22: American Studying the Election, Part 5: On the debate that matters most to me, over definitions of America.
June 23-24: Crowd-sourced Post on the Election: The next crowd-sourced follow up post.
June 25: Ash Lawn-Highland: A series on American Studies connections to summer jobs of mine starts with the multiple sides to a Virginia historic site.
June 26: Insurance Claims: The series continues with some of the worst and the best of my experience working near the health insurance industry.
June 27: Not at all Temporary: On what my experiences as a temp help me to see about a complicated and crucial part of my lifelong profession.
June 28: Mass Market Fiction: The series rolls on with the most awful and most inspiring things I was asked to do during my summer at a Waldenbooks.
June 29: College Prep: The disheartening and the ideal sides to my summer teaching in Temple University’s Summer Bridge program.
June 30: Crowd-sourcing Summer Jobs: The next crowd-sourced post, gathering responses and experiences on summer jobs.
See you next month!
PS. Any topics you’d like to see in this space next month? Any guest posts you’d like to write? Let me know, please!
7/1 Memory Day nominee: William Strunk, Jr., the English professor and writer whose short and vital book, later amplified by E.B. White, remains perhaps the single most essential (if definitely controversial) writing guide.

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