My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012: January Recap

[The series on sports in American Studies will resume tomorrow; today, here’s where this blog has gone in its first month at this new home!]

What’s Next: On my plans for this blog and website in the year to come, and (some of) what you can do to contribute.

The Contested Election of 1876: How an American Studies approach can help us analyze our most contested presidential election.

Ron Paul and Race: An American Studies approach to one of this campaign’s more controversial questions.

Gaga for American Studies: An American Studies analysis of Lady Gaga.

Mike Mulligan and His America: An American Studies analysis of a children’s classic.

American Studiers Needed: Requesting your own American Studies ideas!

Honoring a Great American: A tribute to Gordon Hirabayashi.

Mentors: Leading off a series on American Studies exemplars with a post on my grad advisors.

Outside the Box: American Studies exemplars outside academia.

New England American Studiers: American Studies exemplars I’ve met through the New England ASA.

International American Studiers: American Studies exemplars around the world.

Transnational American Studiers: Exemplars of our 21st century, transnational American Studies.

The Year Ahead: Four American Studier stories to which I’m looking forward this year.

The Real King: MLK Day post on remembering the real Martin Luther King, Jr.

American Studies in the Literature Classroom: A week of teaching posts starts with my sense of what American Studies can bring to an advanced lit course.

American Studies in the Survey Classroom: What American Studies can bring to an American literature survey.

American Studies in the Senior Capstone Course: What American Studies can bring to an English Capstone.

American Studies in the Grad Lit Theory Course: What American Studies can bring to a lit theory class.

American Studies for Lifelong Learning: American Studies in my newest teaching effort, a course for adult learners.

Mexican American Studies: In support of the Tucson Mexican American Studies program and students.

Mexican American Literature: What Mexican American Studies contributes to contemporary American literature.

Mexican American Wars: What a more accurate understanding of the Mexican American War would mean for American history.

Mexican American Homelands: The complex history of Mexican American land and homes in the Southwest.

Mexican American Migrations: What those histories of war and homelands would mean for our understanding of migrations.

Communal Education: My communal education in Mexican and Latin American Studies, and how you can help it continue to develop!

The Two Naturals: The series on sports and American Studies starts with an analysis of the book and film versions of The Natural.

More tomorrow, as the sports series resumes,


PS. Anything you’d like to see in this space in February? Any ideas or perspectives of yours to add to the conversations?

1/31 Memory Day nominee: Jackie Robinson, one of the most socially significant American sports figures and a pretty talented baseball player to boot.

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