My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, September 24, 2022

September 24-25, 2022: Faulkner at 125: Digital Yoknapatawpha

[September 25th marks William Faulkner’s 125th birthday. So this week I’ve AmericanStudied Faulkner and other Southern storytellers, leading up to this special weekend tribute to a great new Faulkner website!]

I’ve already highlighted my Dad Stephen Railton’s newest web project, Digital Yoknapatawpha (which features many many collaborators and contributors, but was Dad’s idea so I’m gonna do my filial duty and call it his) in two prior posts:

--This one on all three of his scholarly websites;

--and this one focused on DY and my hopes for how it can be found and used by educators, students, and all interested readers.

Hopefully those posts make clear how unique and impressive this project is, and make all interested FaulknerStudiers (and all the rest of y’all too) ready to check it out for themselves. I could spend many more posts than this one highlighting all the very helpful and very cool specific elements to DY, so here’s just one: the temporal heatmaps that can help readers trace different places across both time and Faulkner’s texts. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a digital humanities tool that truly embodies both words in that phrase—using digital resources to capture a key element to the literary works being studied, and reveal new ways to read and understand them. Just the tip of the DY iceberg!

Next series starts Monday,


PS. What do you think? Faulkner resources or other Southern storytellers you’d share?

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