My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, January 29, 2022

January 29-30, 2022: January 2022 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

January 3: 2022 Anniversaries: 1772 and the Revolution: A New Year’s series kicks off with three important pre-Revolutionary moments from 250 years ago.

January 4: 2022 Anniversaries: 1822 and Monrovia: The series continues with a few layers to the fraught founding of a West African settlement and nation 200 years ago.

January 5: 2022 Anniversaries: 1872 and Henry Wilson: Why becoming the Vice President was only the second most important thing Henry Wilson did 150 years ago, as the series rolls on.

January 6: 2022 Anniversaries: 1922 and “The Waste Land”: Two AmericanStudies contexts for a decidedly non-American masterpiece published 100 years ago.

January 7: 2022 Anniversaries: 1972 Films: The series concludes with the telling visions of violence in three films celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

January 8-9: 2022 Predictions: A special weekend post sharing a few predictions for the year to come in American politics, society, and solidarity!

January 10: Women in Politics: Victoria Woodhull’s Campaign: In honor of the first woman elected to the Senate, a series on women in American politics kicks off with the controversial and compelling story of the first woman to run for president.

January 11: Women in Politics: Jeannette Rankin’s Pacifism: The series continues with the historical anti-war activists who were the real wonder women.

January 12: Women in Politics: Hattie Caraway’s Elections: On the 90th anniversary of her groundbreaking election, one interesting detail from each of Caraway’s three Senate campaigns.

January 13: Women in Politics: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Flight: One of the most famous American flights and one that really should be, as the series rolls on.

January 14: Women in Politics: Shirley Chisholm’s Campaigns: The series concludes with two telling political efforts beyond Chisholm’s groundbreaking presidential campaign.

January 15-16: Crowd-sourced Women in Politics: My latest great crowd-sourced post, featuring the responses and thoughts of fellow AmericanStudiers—add yours in comments, please!

January 17: Spring Semester Previews: Major Authors: W.E.B. Du Bois: My annual Spring semester previews kick off with three of the many Du Bois texts that speak to our current moment.

January 18: Spring Semester Previews: 19th Century Women Writers: The series continues with three of the many reasons why I’m requiring my Grad class students to purchase one book.

January 19: Spring Semester Previews: First Year Writing II: Three genres of papers that I’m excited to get and read from my First Year Writing students, as the series teaches on.

January 20: Spring Semester Previews: American Lit II: The three books I’m requiring my survey students to purchase (for the first time in a few years), and why.

January 21: Spring Semester Previews: The Short Story Online: The series concludes with three stimulating story pairings from my accelerated online course.

January 22-23: Spring Semester Previews: Two Sandlots: A brief weekend update on the book project that I’ll also be working on this Spring!

January 24: American Gangsters: The Godfather Part II: For the 75th anniversary of Al Capone’s death, a GangsterStudying series kicks off with the profoundly American layers to our greatest gangster story.

January 25: American Gangsters: Capturing Capone: The series continues with three pop culture representations of Capone on the anniversary of his death.

January 26: American Gangsters: Gangster Rap: Three telling stages in the evolution of an American musical genre, as the series rolls on.

January 27: American Gangsters: Aaron Hernandez: A tragic sports scandal and the allure and illusions of the gangster life.

January 28: American Gangsters: The Sopranos: The series concludes with the minor Season 1 characters who embody the real strengths of the troubling TV show.

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