My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27, 2011: Guest Post of Sorts

Couple significant things I still need to do before the hay can be hit, but in any case I couldn’t possibly say any of these important things about today’s Birther-related developments any better than James Fallows does here:
Note especially his righteous and right-the-fuck-on indignation about Trump’s immediate turn to questioning how Obama got into Columbia and then Harvard Law. I’ve seen a number of other voices/commentators from the right calling Obama an affirmative action baby in recent weeks, so this is quite possibly the next iteration of Birtherism (although I, like Fallows, doubt very much that this current iteration is going to change much right now or in the foreseeable future).
I spend hours a day trying to help students develop their skills as readers, critical thinkers, responders to texts and the world around them. And then huge swaths of adult Americans buy into garbage like this. I’m not sure if the first sentence should help me feel slightly better about the second sentence, or make me feel that it’s all in vain. But I’m going to go with option A, ‘cause that second way lies nothing but madness.
More tomorrow,
PS. Two more links to start with:
1)      For evidence of the unchangeable nature of Birtherism, check out the comments on the Smoking Gun story quoted in this post:
2)      OPEN: What do you think?

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