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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

July 30-31, 2022: July 2022 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]

July 4: 4th of July Contexts: Slavery and the Declaration: A series for the 4th kicks off with important historical contexts for the Declaration’s frustrations, and why they remain nevertheless.

July 5: 4th of July Contexts: The Adams Letters: The series continues with the myths and realities of the Revolution reveals in the Adams letters.

July 6: 4th of July Contexts: Fireworks: The histories, symbolisms, and limitations of an American tradition, as the series celebrates on.

July 7: 4th of July Contexts: Born on the 4th of July: Three cultural evolutions of a classic, complex American phrase.

July 8: 4th of July Contexts: “What to the Slave is the 4th of July?”: The series concludes with the stunning speech that challenges us just as much today as it did 170 years ago.

July 9-10: 4th of July Contexts: Patriotism in 2022 America: A special weekend post thinking about three of the types of patriotism I explored in my most recent book!

July 11: Investigative Journalists: Fanny Fern: For Ida B. Wells’ birthday, a journalism series kicks off with a series that isn’t perfect but is pretty darn impressive nonetheless.

July 12: Investigative Journalists: Nellie Bly: The series continues with a rightly famous work of investigative journalism and one that should be.

July 13: Investigative Journalists: Ida Tarbell and Muckraking: Why muckraking exemplifies investigative journalism at its best, as the series writes on.

July 14: Investigative Journalists: David Halberstam in Vietnam: A moment of genuine courage that reflects a broader role of wartime journalists.

July 15: Investigative Journalists: A.C. Thompson and ProPublica: The series concludes with a fictional character who helps us recognize one of our best current journalists and institutions.

July 16-17: Investigative Journalists: Ida B. Wells: On Wells’ bday, a special tribute post that highlights my favorite of her many impressive and inspiring moments.

July 18: UtahStudying: Indigenous Utah: For Salt Lake City’s anniversary, a UtahStudying series kicks off with three of the many indigenous communities that have called the region home.

July 19: UtahStudying: National Parks: The series continues with striking stories and histories behind a few of the state’s stunning landscapes.

July 20: UtahStudying: The Golden Spike: Promontory Point, propaganda photos, and the power of posterity, as the series rolls on.

July 21: UtahStudying: SLC Punk!: An underrated indie film’s sociological studies, and whether they’re specific to this week’s focal subject.

July 22: UtahStudying: Sports Franchises: The series concludes with ambiguities in sports, Utah, and America revealed by three beloved teams.

July 23-24: UtahStudying: The Founding Mormons: On SLC’s anniversary, a special weekend post on a few complex contexts for that founding community.

July 25: Christmas (Songs) in July: Fraught Favorites: To commemorate the release of “White Christmas,” a holiday hits series kicks off with what’s lurking beneath the cheery lessons of some favs.

July 26: Christmas (Songs) in July: “Winter Wonderland” and “Jingle Bells”: The series continues with two versions of the holiday revealed by two 1930s hits.

July 27: Christmas (Songs) in July: Mariah and Marketing Christmas: An authentically wonderful holiday ballad that inaugurated a frustrating tradition, as the series sings on.

July 28: Christmas (Songs) in July: Hanukkah Songs: A handful of classics and newer hits to help celebrate the Festival of Lights.

July 29: Christmas (Songs) in July: “White Christmas”: For the anniversary of the best-selling single of all time (!), a couple reasons for the smash song’s enduring success.

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