My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Friday, July 2, 2021

July 2, 2021: Talking Of Thee I Sing: What’s Next

[Over the last few months, I’ve had the chance to talk about my new book in a number of settings, and as always every such talk has led to distinct and interesting follow-up questions and ideas. So this week I’ll reflect on those continuing conversations, leading up to a special July 4th weekend post on the state of patriotism in 2021!]

On a type of book talk I’m especially excited to add onto the schedule this Fall.

The topics of this week’s posts—bookstores, libraries, historic and cultural sites, and educational institutions—are all examples of settings and communities with which I’ll always be excited to share my ideas and voice (and to hear from in conversation, of course), and I’d love nominations for others where I could give talks (whether virtual or in-person) this Summer and Fall. I’d also love ideas for other podcasts with whom I could chat and websites for whom I could write, along the lines of those I highlight on this page and otherwise. I’m also a big fan of chatting with book and reading groups, adult learning programs, and, well, any and all other communities and conversations you could think of, so bring it all on, please!

But in this last post of the week’s series, I wanted to make an appeal for one particular such community with whom I’d be especially stoked to chat this Fall (and beyond): classes. Whether undergrad or grad, secondary/high school or even earlier, I’ve never had a chance to talk with a group of students and not come away feeling as inspired as it’s possible to feel by such conversations. So if you’re a teacher (or a student!), or if you know teachers (or students!), I’d really love to hear from you, whether here or by email (, to see if it might work for me to chat with a class. Thanks in advance, and hope to see you down the road!

Special weekend post tomorrow,


PS. Ideas for other settings or audiences with whom I could share the book?

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