My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

April 21-22, 2018: NeMLA and You

[This past weekend was the 2018 Northeast MLA convention in Pittsburgh. It was a great time as usual, and this week I’ve highlighted some standout moments and conversations. Leading up to this weekend post on how you can get involved in this great organization!]
On three ways you can get involved with NeMLA.
1)      Run for office: As I hope Monday’s post made clear, the NeMLA Board is a truly unique and inspiring community to be part of. If you’re interested in joining, the positions that will be elected this coming year are Second Vice President (part of a multi-year position that leads to the Presidency), the Creative Writing Director, the French and Francophone Director, and the Spanish and Portuguese Director. Next year, besides Second VP again, there will be elections for British Lit, German Language & Lit, Italian Language & Lit, the CAITY Caucus (Contingent/Adjunct/Independent/Two-year), the Diversity Caucus, and the Grad Student Caucus. Between the two years that covers just about everybody, so if you’re in the Northeast US (or thereabouts) I really encourage you to consider running for the Board and joining this great organization and community.
2)      Come to the convention: If you’re not in the Northeast, or not able to make that kind of multi-year commitment, I still can’t encourage you enough to submit an abstract for the annual NeMLA convention (if you haven’t already done so, and again if you have!). Future conventions will be held in DC (2019), Boston (2020), and Philadelphia (2021), and I can guarantee great sessions, wonderful connections to local events and institutions, and a collegial and welcoming community. You can propose panels or roundtables for the DC convention now, and then the CFP for submissions to those panels/roundtables will be out soon with a September deadline. Hope to see you next year in Washington!
3)      Talk to me: Questions about any of that? Contributions to the work of the American Literature area for the next few conventions? Other ideas for NeMLA? You know where to find me (and comments here work well too)!
Next series starts Monday,
PS. NeMLA responses or thoughts? Other organizations or conferences you’d highlight?

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