My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30-31, 2015: May 2015 Recap

[A Recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
May 4: NeMLA 2015 Recaps: Italian American Inspirations: A series following up this year’s NeMLA conference kicks off with the great seminar with which my conference began.
May 5: NeMLA 2015 Recaps: Roundtable on Writing Prolifically: The series continues with a few takeaways from my session on strategies for prolific writing.
May 6: NeMLA 2015 Recaps: Three Amazing Performances: The wonderful keynote and creative readings with which the conference opened, as the series rolls on.
May 7: NeMLA 2015 Recaps: Three More Great Panels: Quick highlights from three of the other compelling panels I attended at NeMLA 2015.
May 8: NeMLA 2015 Recaps: New Colleagues: The series concludes by introducing the newest members of the NeMLA Board, with whom I’m excited to work on…
May 9-10: NeMLA 2016 Plans: … next year’s conference in Hartford, for which I’ll be President and for which I could use your input in all the ways I highlight in this weekend special post!
May 11: Semester Conclusions: I Can’t Breathe: A series recapping the Spring 2015 semester starts with my most radical classroom moment to date, and why it wasn’t.
May 12: Semester Conclusions: A Tough Crowd: The series continues with my most resistant Adult Learning class, and why that was a good thing.
May 13: Semester Conclusions: Fanny Fern Rocks: The senior seminar experience that validated one of my strongest scholarly beliefs, as the series rolls on.
May 14: Semester Conclusions: Football Debates: Two complementary spaces where Fitchburg State discussed and debated football in America this semester.
May 15: Semester Conclusions: The Mara Award and Inspiring Teachers: The series concludes with tributes to some of the best teachers I’ve known, in honor of my receiving an FSU teaching award.
May 16-17: Summer and Fall Plans: A special weekend post looking forward to some of my summer and fall courses—add your own plans in comments, please!
May 18: BlockbusterStudying II: Back to the Future: My annual series AmericanStudying summer blockbusters kicks off with visions of the past in the Michael J. Fox hit.
May 19: BlockbusterStudying II: Ghostbusters: The series continues with science, the supernatural, and weird tales in the ground-breaking horror comedy.
May 20: BlockbusterStudying II: Jurassic Park: Two ways the groundbreaking film oversimplified the novel and why they matter, as the series rolls on.
May 21: BlockbusterStudying II: Broken Arrow and Face/Off: Hong Kong legend John Woo’s failed transition to Hollywood, and how we should remember it instead.
May 22: BlockbusterStudying II: E.T. and Aliens: The series concludes with the many differences between, and one important similarity of, the two extraterrestrial blockbusters.
May 23-24: Crowd-sourced BlockbusterStudying: My latest crowd-sourced post, featuring the responses and nominees of fellow BlockbusterStudiers.
May 25: Remembering Memorial Day: A Memorial Day series kicks off with my annual post on how we should better remember the holiday’s origins.
May 26: Decoration Day Histories: Frederick Douglass: The series continues with Douglass’s amazing and vital 1871 Decoration Day speech.
May 27: Decoration Day Histories: Roger Pryor: The historic shifts exemplified by a Northern invitation to a very Southern speaker, as the Memorial Day series rolls on.
May 28: Decoration Day Histories: African Americans and Decoration Day: The importance of remembering the connection between African Americans and the holiday’s origin points.
May 29: Decoration Day Histories: So What?: The series concludes with three reasons to remember Memorial Day’s Decoration Day origins.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to write? Lemme know!

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