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My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 28-29, 2014: June 2014 Recap

[A recap of the month that was in AmericanStudying.]
June 2: AmericanStudies Beach Reads: The Celestials: My annual series on books to bring to the beach begins with a wonderful recent historical novel.
June 3: AmericanStudies Beach Reads: Spoiled: The series continues with a book of short stories that spoke to me powerfully despite my initial misgivings.
June 4: AmericanStudies Beach Reads: Personals: An engaging, witty, and thoughtful poetry collection by a colleague and friend, as the series rolls on.
June 5: AmericanStudies Beach Reads: Amusing the Million: If you take just one work of AmericanStudies scholarship to the beach this summer, I vote for this amazing book.
June 6: AmericanStudies Beach Reads: The Chinese Exclusion Act: The series concludes with a shameless but earnest pitch for putting my most recent book on your summer list.
June 7-8: Crowd-sourced Beach Reads: The beach read responses and nominations of fellow AmericanStudiers in one of my fullest crowd-sourced posts yet—add your own in comments, please!
June 9: D-Day Stories: Band of Brothers: A series inspired by the invasion’s 70th anniversary starts with the best part of the great miniseries.
June 10: D-Day Stories: The Longest Day: The series continues with the blockbuster film and what it tells us about such images of war.
June 11: D-Day Stories: Eisenhower: What we can learn from the story of the general turned president, as the series rolls on.
June 12: D-Day Stories: The 29th Infantry: On one of the more subtle but enduring ways we can remember military units and service.
June 13: D-Day Stories: Frank Draper, Jr.: The series concludes with the website that illustrates what the 21st century can add to how we remember soldiers and wars.
June 14-15: War Stories: Board Games: Following up the D-Day series, and in honor of my best friend’s birthday, a post on a few board games from which I learned a lot about war and history.
June 16: AmericanStudying Summer Jams: Summer Wind: A series on summertime songs begins with some thoughts on performance, authorship, and collective memory.
June 17: AmericanStudying Summer Jams: Summertime Blues: The series continues with the rock classic that reveals multiple sides to the voices of youth.
June 18: AmericanStudying Summer Jams: Summer in the City: Whether and how we can historically contextualize a fun rock song, as the series rolls on.
June 19: AmericanStudying Summer Jams: Summertime: On two distinct but complementary ways to AmericanStudy the Fresh Prince and one of his biggest hits.
June 20: AmericanStudying Summer Jams: All Summer Long: The series concludes with a song that captures both pseudo-nostalgia and the genuine influence pop culture can have on our lives.
June 21-22: Crowd-sourced Summer Jams: A crowd-sourced bbq, featuring the responses and nominations of fellow AmericanStudiers—bring your grilled favorites in comments, please!
June 23: AmericanStudier Camp: Camp Virginia: A series AmericanStudying summer camp starts with the camp without which there’d be no AmericanStudier.
June 24: AmericanStudier Camp: Hello Muddah: The series continues with the novelty song that became a multi-faceted relfection of American society and culture.
June 25: AmericanStudier Camp: Jewish Summer Camps: The preservation and revision of culture and tradition, as the series rolls on.
June 26: AmericanStudier Camp: Playing Indian: On the vital work of AmericanStudies scholarship that can help us make sense of a troubling summer camp tradition.
June 27: AmericanStudier Camp: Friday the 13th: The series concludes with a recent change in the cultural images of summer camps, and what we can make of it.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Topics you’d like to see covered in this space? Guest Posts you’d like to write? Share ‘em, please!

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