My New Book!

My New Book!
My New Book!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5-6, 2014: Link-tastic Baseball Stories

[With Spring Training underway, another series on AmericanStudying our national pasttime. This year, I’ve highlighted individual baseball stories and thought about what broader American contexts they can help us analyze. In this link-tastic post, I’ll share a handful of the other writers who do the same—add your nominations and ideas in comments!]

Joe Posnanski—with whom I’ve had my issues, but who can connect incisive and beautiful writing about baseball stories to so many broader themes, as his current series on the sport’s 100 greatest players demonstrates in spades.
19C Baseball—which offers wonderful stories, histories, and analyses of the sport’s origin points.
Negro  League Baseball Blog—which seems to have ceased posting new content in 2006, but which by then had amassed a wonderful collection of pieces and stories, all of which are still there for you to check out.
Michael Thomas—who also doesn’t look to be writing his blog on the Red Sox (and much more) any more; but thanks again to the power of the intertubes, it’s still there, and well worth your time and reading.
Rob Neyer—who was the first online baseball writer I followed, back in his ESPN days, and who remains a must-read for all fans.
Next series starts Monday,
PS. Other writers you’d mention? Other baseball stories you’d share?

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